Uphill Traffic

Traffic and parking issues in the village continue to be a cause of concern to local residents as recent comments on social media confirms.

Over the years the Village Society has been pro-active in trying to find a solution to these issues engaging in lengthy correspondence and meetings with council officers, the police, ward councillors and local employers.

Most recently the society has been in correspondence with Westhaven School as to the potential effect of the introduction of their policy to charge staff for parking cars on site. History shows that when this policy was introduced at the hospital there was a considerable increase in on street parking in the village which  continues to be a hazard and nuisance to nearby residents.

A copy of the school’s response is attached- Westhaven

The Village Society would encourage those effected by the increase in on street parking to provide it with any evidence they have to confirm where the vehicle owner works or is visiting. Nearby residents may find benefit in monitoring the issue during the course of a school week to identify numbers and length of stay for vehicles connect with both the school and the Hospice so that further approaches can be made to both establishments to try and find a solution to the problem.

If cars are seen to be parking dangerously this is an offence and should be reported to the police.

Comments and views on possible solutions are welcomed by the village society and should be addressed to secretary@uphillvillage.org.uk.

On the traffic front it is understood that funding has now been identified by the local authority for the introduction of a village wide 20mph speed limit. Accordingly the Society is looking to pursue the discussions and site meetings held with officers earlier this year which agreed an outline scheme requiring minimum physical barriers and signage to support the limits.

Updates on both issues will be included in the village magazine and on the village website and Facebook pages.

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