The Plantation and Bluebell Field is a plantation wood and parkland field and is an important landscape and historic feature for Uphill village and Weston-Super-Mare, as well as being a popular recreational green space in the area. 

The mature veteran trees and parkland of wood pasture are an important part of the former historic landscape of Uphill Manor. The site comprises a mid-19th Century plantation of predominantly mature beech, with sycamore, oak, yew and horse chestnut with a holly dominated understorey, and The Bluebell field – a parkland field of wood pasture rich in spring flowers, particularly bluebells and snowdrops which carpet the field in springtime, and contains scattered mature veteran trees. The field is managed by late summer and autumn grazing with cattle. It was also known locally as the Donkey Field as it was used to over winter the donkeys from Weston Super Mare beach.

Owned and managed by the Woodland Trust the plantation is open to the public for quiet informal recreation, but the field is closed to protect the displays of spring flowers from damage. 

The field is grazed from late summer to autumn by Dexter cattle, with the pavement and highway of Uphill Rd South and Old Church Rd offering good views of the field, which is bordered by traditional Victorian wrought iron railings.

The wood is well used with a network of small paths leading from an adjoining public footpath and the public highway. However it has recently been subject to inappropriate use and damage as a consequence of which the Trust has been obliged to restrict its use for cycling which is no longer permitted, notices this effect have been put up and it will be flattening the jumps and repair other damaged caused.

Visitors to the site are asked to respect its importance to ensure that the integrity of the historic landscape will be preserved for future generations to enjoy and continuity of the historic wooded landscape and remain a high quality recreational resource to be valued by local users and visitors alike.


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