The Uphill Village Society attempts to organise at least 2 village clean ups each year as part of the Keep Britain Tidy campaign. Next one due in a few months as part of the Great British Spring Clean. However following the government announcement of a national lockdown, we are all being asked to stay at home. Stricter and legally enforceable rules on outdoor activity are now in place. There are prescribed reasons for being outdoors, which do include provision of voluntary and charitable services and for the purposes of exercise (but only once a day).

However, it’s not clear from the government’s guidance whether volunteer litter picking, would be covered by either of these criteria. Therefore, taking a precautionary approach, we are asking all our volunteers to pause any organised litter picking events until further notice. Should you choose to pick up litter on your daily exercise, please ensure you do so safely and, in line with the latest government guidance, you should only undertake outdoor activity as an individual, with one other person or with members of your own household/support bubble, while maintaining social distancing at all times.

For the present therefore the Society calls upon residents to do what they can to pick up litter as they go particularly on their daily exercises and when litter is more noticeable. It has a limited number of litter pickers available if they would help – contact  for details and can supply black sacks although are trying to source something more environmentally friendly to use.

The Society works with NSC whenever possible. Particular problems arise after the weekly waste collections. Householders are encouraged as not to put their green boxes out ahead of time even with a light wind sees recycling spread around the village. In addition ust a few minutes clearing up after the collection would all help.

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