Weston Re-wilding Project
As we are now in another period of lock down we are sadly unable to restart volunteering as we would have liked/planned.  We are continuing to plant the trees with our contractors and staff, the trees from the woodland trust for the next round of planting has started to arrive.
We are really sad about this development as we were really looking forward to inviting you out with us.
Our goal now is to focus on the spring sessions, where we will be looking at the ongoing maintenance of the trees.  As explained previously the style of planting we are using, planting whips, does mean that maintenance requirements are low.  However, we will need to ensure that the trees have been mulched, weeds from around the base have been removed and  canes/spirals are still in place.  All of these things help the young trees to establish in their first few years.  We will also need to monitor the success rate to see if sites may require more planting or even thinning in the future.
In the Spring we will be looking for volunteers that may like to help us to monitor the biodiversity changes related to rewilding. So if you have an interest in botany and happy to share your experience or expertise please let us know.
Obviously all these volunteer activities are very dependent on how the current health situation develops over the coming months.  We very much hope that we are able to do this, but at this time we are unable to provide any further information, sadly, as to possible dates/work plans etc.
Kind regards

North Somerset Council Natural Environment team


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