We are pleased to announce that the Village Society’s nominations for both public houses in Uphill, The Dolphin and The Ship, to be listed as Assets of Community Value have both been successful.

The two pubs have now be added to the List of Assets of Community Value, which is published on North Somerset Council’s website, and will remain on the list for five years after which time they will be removed.

Pubs that are listed as Assets of Community Value require a planning application to change their use or demolish them.  

Whilst listed as Assets of Community Value, should the owner of either pub decide to sell they must inform North Somerset Council of their intention to do                         so.  The Uphill Village Society would then have up to six weeks to express an interest in becoming a potential bidder to buy the asset and then a further four and a half months to raise the funds required to purchase the asset.

At the end of the six month period, the owner would be able to sell it to whoever and at whatever price they choose.

In making the application we took advice from CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) who were able guide as towards the most relevant aspects which are considered when considering these applications; we also kept both of the pub tenants informed of the process.

Even before the current pandemic, pubs around the country have been closing at an alarming rate and as such CAMRA have been encouraging locals to have their pubs registered as Assets of Community.  Now that both of our locals are registered it can only be good news for the village as it makes it more unlikely that either could be sold off for development.  It is also reassuring that North Somerset Council recognised that both pubs are quite unique in their own ways.    

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