20 mph traffic scheme for Uphill In the winter 2019 edition of Uphillviews we reported on the District Council’s proposal for a 20mph speed limit for the village which they were unable to proceed with at that time due to lack of funding. The funding is necessary to pay for the required signing and lining plus any possible traffic calming required. Speed and volume surveys had already been carried out and preliminary designs undertaken and discussed with the Village Society and local councillors.

The Council now reports:  In response to local demand, North Somerset Council is proposing to introduce a 20mph area in Uphill. This will ensure traffic speeds stay lower, creating a safer environment for villagers, school and college students, pedestrians, hospital staff and visitors and cyclists going through Uphill on the Brean Down Way. Initial plans involve 20mph road signs throughout the suggested area, plus the potential for on-street speed cushions at key points on Uphill Road South only. This will address where speeds are higher within Uphill. It is envisaged there will be no changes to parking restrictions. Uphill residents and local businesses were invited to  an online information event on 7 April to express their views or to submit questions and the outcome of this event is now being reviewed ahead of the fibnal scheme being taken forward. 

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