Keep Uphill Tidy

The Uphill Village Society attempts to organise at least 2 village clean ups each year as part of the Keep Britain Tidy campaign. Next one due in a few months as part of the Great British Spring Clean. However following the government announcement of a national lockdown, we are all being asked to stay at home. Stricter and legally enforceable rules on outdoor activity are now in place. There are prescribed reasons for being outdoors, which do include provision of voluntary and charitable services and for the purposes of exercise (but only once a day).

However, it’s not clear from the government’s guidance whether volunteer litter picking, would be covered by either of these criteria. Therefore, taking a precautionary approach, we are asking all our volunteers to pause any organised litter picking events until further notice. Should you choose to pick up litter on your daily exercise, please ensure you do so safely and, in line with the latest government guidance, you should only undertake outdoor activity as an individual, with one other person or with members of your own household/support bubble, while maintaining social distancing at all times.

For the present therefore the Society calls upon residents to do what they can to pick up litter as they go particularly on their daily exercises and when litter is more noticeable. It has a limited number of litter pickers available if they would help – contact  for details and can supply black sacks although are trying to source something more environmentally friendly to use.

The Society works with NSC whenever possible. Particular problems arise after the weekly waste collections. Householders are encouraged as not to put their green boxes out ahead of time even with a light wind sees recycling spread around the village. In addition ust a few minutes clearing up after the collection would all help.

Uphill Parking

As well as the off-street car parks and on-street pay and display parking, NSC  are also responsible for enforcing

  • double and single yellow lines
  • blue badge bays
  • limited waiting bays
  • taxi ranks
  • loading bays
  • parking in bus lanes and stops
  • zig-zag markings at schools (if restrictions apply) and pedestrian crossings
  • parking across dropped kerbs where there’s a crossing point, with or without tactile paving
  • double parking (parking too far from the kerb)

You can report illegal parking to the council online. It will use your report to plan future patrols.

The police will continue to be responsible for dealing with:
  • dangerously parked vehicles including where there are no parking restrictions in place such as on bends, brows of hills and junctions
  • obstruction offences – for example pavement with no parking restrictions
  • moving traffic offences including double white lines, one-way traffic, white hatched areas and box junctions

You can report these issues to the police by calling 101.

Parking across dropped kerbs where there’s a crossing point and tactile paving, double parking or parking too far from the kerb and parking on zig-zag markings at pedestrian crossings can be enforced by both us and the police.

A homeowner has no special legal right to park directly outside their property. All road users have the same right to park anywhere on the public highway as long as they do not contravene parking restrictions

Keep clear markings

These are white H shaped advisory markings that are painted in front of a driveway to draw attention to a dropped kerb and encourage people not to park across across it.

The marking is only painted across the extent of the dropped kerb, from one taper to the other. If you want the marking to go across a neighbour’s property you need to have written permission from the owner or occupier. This also applies to shared access – all properties will need to agree in writing.

Applying for a keep clear marking

To apply for a marking, contact:

  • your ward councillor if you live in Clevedon, Nailsea, Portishead or Weston-super-Mare
  • your parish council if you live elsewhere in North Somerset

They will review your application and consider whether parked cars are regularly causing an obstruction.

Markings are not normally provided if the councillor or your neighbours refuse the application, or if the location already has double yellow lines.

The councillor or parish council will explain their decision in writing. If they approve your request, you should forward their letter to NSC, with any other supporting information or necessary consents.

When NSC receive your application they will invoice you for £95 and include the marking on the next available lining works order for our contractor. The width of the H bar will be 50mm.

NSC don’t routinely maintain these markings. If you want to have a marking repainted you should apply using the same process so NSC can check that it still meets the criteria for a marking.


Uphill Traffic

Uphill Traffic

Traffic and parking issues in the village continue to be a cause of concern to local residents as recent comments on social media confirms.

Over the years the Village Society has been pro-active in trying to find a solution to these issues engaging in lengthy correspondence and meetings with council officers, the police, ward councillors and local employers.

Most recently the society has been in correspondence with Westhaven School as to the potential effect of the introduction of their policy to charge staff for parking cars on site. History shows that when this policy was introduced at the hospital there was a considerable increase in on street parking in the village which  continues to be a hazard and nuisance to nearby residents.

A copy of the school’s response is attached- Westhaven

The Village Society would encourage those effected by the increase in on street parking to provide it with any evidence they have to confirm where the vehicle owner works or is visiting. Nearby residents may find benefit in monitoring the issue during the course of a school week to identify numbers and length of stay for vehicles connect with both the school and the Hospice so that further approaches can be made to both establishments to try and find a solution to the problem.

If cars are seen to be parking dangerously this is an offence and should be reported to the police.

Comments and views on possible solutions are welcomed by the village society and should be addressed to

On the traffic front it is understood that funding has now been identified by the local authority for the introduction of a village wide 20mph speed limit. Accordingly the Society is looking to pursue the discussions and site meetings held with officers earlier this year which agreed an outline scheme requiring minimum physical barriers and signage to support the limits.

Updates on both issues will be included in the village magazine and on the village website and Facebook pages.

Neighbourhood Watch and latest alerts

Be a part of the Neighbourhood Watch

Watch schemes are a popular way for people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved in working together in the community.  Watch schemes operate all over the country and can:

Reduce crime and the opportunities for crime

Help and reassure vulnerable residents

Encourage good neighbourliness and closer communities

A watch scheme is a community led initiative that brings people together to address local crime and other community issues.  A successful watch scheme requires close liaison between residents, the local police and other agencies.

A watch scheme can be large covering most households on an estate, or it may involve just a few local residences.

You may already be living in an area with an active scheme, in order to find out please contact your local Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) who will be able to tell you if there is one.

You can also use the postcode search on the National Neighbourhood and Home Watch website and if there is a group in your area listed you will be able to contact the scheme co-ordinator to find out about joining.

Click on image above to take you to latest Neighbourhood watch alerts

Uphill Play Area

In consultation with the Uphill Village Society, Weston Town Council is carrying out repairs and improvements to the village play area.
New fencing has been installed and the play equipment repaired.
Repairs to the soft play surfaces will be carried out in due course and the Village Society has agreed to fund additional seating and litter bins which will be installed shortly along with the restoration of the existing seats around the site.



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