A series of ten healthy walks around and about Uphill


Explore the wonderful fauna and flora around Uphill as well as going for a purposeful walk to improve your health.

A health walk aims to:
• Encourage people, particularly those who undertake little physical activity, to walk on a regular basis within their communities.
• Ensure the walk is purposeful and brisk but not too challenging for those who have not exercised recently.
• Plan the walk so it is safe, accessible, manageable and enjoyable.

Health walks are all about getting inactive people on the first rung of the ladder to a more active lifestyle. So if you enjoy exercise in the fresh air a health walk may be just what you are looking for.

Please note that walks 4 to 9 in this book are over three miles and only suitable for those who walk regularly and are used to walking this distance over uneven terrain and up moderate to steep inclines.

These walks are also available in book from from Weston-super-Mare Tourist Information Office on the sea front or via the Uphill Village Society by contacting us. Alternatively click on the link below to download a copy.

The Walks

walk-1 – Walk One – Quarry and the Boat Yard – 1.5 miles / 45 mins

walk-2 – Walk Two – Boatyard, Beach and Donkey Field – 2 miles / 1 hour

walk-3 – Walk Three – The Tidal Trail – 3 miles / 1.5 hours

walk-4 – Walk Four – Boatyard, Old Toll Road, Uphill Way – 3 miles / 1.5 hours

walk-5 – Walk Five – Boatyard, Purn Lane, Bleadon – 4 miles / 2 hours

walk-6 – Walk Six – Boatyard, Bleadon, Oldmixon – 6 miles / 3 hours

walk-7 – Walk Seven – Boatyard, Accommodation Road, Bleadon, Purn Hill – 6.5 miles / 3.25 hours

walk-8 – Walk Eight – Boatyard, Bleadon Bridge, Hellene Hill – 7 miles / 3.5 hours

walk-9 – Walk Nine – Boatyard, Canada Coombe, Hutton Hill, Bleadon – 9 miles / 4.5 hours

walk-10 – Walk Ten – The Beach – As long as you like!

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